4 Diet Critiques You Need To Read That May Be Affecting Your AFib (Final)

These are the diets in a nutshell. I hope this helps you in choosing the right diet for your health goals. The studies discussed have shown that there are definite benefits to them all. 

You might want to start off with the Mediterranean Diet as it has been studied the most at this point and is the least restrictive. However, many people can not tolerate it, or they do not feel it is helping them to lose the weight.  

Unfortunately, with the first two diets studied, not everyone received a lessening of their atrial fibrillation symptoms or the other health benefits they require. This leaves the Paleo or https://ketoplans.ca as choices.

The Gluten free diet, while it has its obvious health benefit in the symptoms of Celiac disease, may not help you to lose weight, especially if you do not restrict the number of calories you are consuming. This is true of all diets; however, the https://ketoplans.ca diet should naturally help with this.

The high protein component of the https://ketoplans.ca diet aids in abating your hunger as it takes longer to digest. Most people tend to naturally eat less without realizing it. This allows them to start to feel healthier, faster. And because they are eating less so effortlessly, they are happier to stick to the diet.

While all these diets have their associated health benefits, the real main benefit of all of them is the 10% weight reduction that is needed to realize results. You need to keep the weight down to have the long-term benefits that the studies have written about.  

Using the https://ketoplans.ca Diet with its more restrictive food choices should help you to obtain your ultimate weight lose goals faster. You should also get the health benefits of lowering your high blood pressure and glucose levels, easing the symptoms of atrial fibrillation and other heart disease concerns, quicker than the other diets. 

There were long-term, five-year strategies in the studies. By adhering to the tactics discussed and oversight by your doctor, this should help you improve your long-term healthy eating habits. Consistency is the key in obtaining and maintaining your health goals of lowering your high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation symptoms as well as other heart concerns.

The underlying message of all the studies is to stick to a long-term goal. None of these diets are quick fixes in improving your immediate health concerns. But sticking to a diet to keep losing the weight will help in the long run and sticking to a diet will help you keep the weight off.  

All of this should result in a significant improvement in your quality of life and may indeed be that fountain of youth that has always been sought after.

You may not live longer, but you should live your best life. And this will allow you to enjoy your time with your family and friends. I wish you all good health and success.

Thank you for reading.

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4 Diet Critiques You Need To Read That May Be Affecting Your AFib (part 3)

The Paleo Diet is the next diet I want to discuss. While this is stricter than the first two, it may have a larger benefit. The diet is also known as the hunter-gather diet because at its core it eliminates all processed food. The idea is that if a caveman did not eat it, neither should you.

This diet’s focus is on naturally sourced fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Absolutely no foods that have refined sugars, been commercially processed, or have too many added chemicals. While keeping the diet as basic as possible, you are allowed the use of spices, preferably fresh, however dried is usually fine if they have not been processed.

The Paleo Diet, potentially, may have the best health benefits because it totally bans any type of processed food. While this diet has not been studied as extensively as the Mediterranean, the premise is that it is the industrially processed component of modern foods that has contributed to the rise of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease including atrial fibrillation.

The https://ketoplans.ca Diet on the other hand may be considered even stricter. The difference between the https://ketoplans.ca and Paleo diets is that https://ketoplans.ca diet reduces all forms of carbohydrates, including vegetables and fruits. People have been more successful losing weight on this diet as it naturally has a lower calorie count while the high protein component keeps the dieter satiated.

Strictly eating lower carb foods can result in the intake of less dietary fibre. This may increase the incidents of constipation. However, by choosing the foods that have low carbs and a higher fibre content such as broccoli and chia seeds, this can be minimized. Make sure to drink your required daily amount of water while on any diet. It can not be emphasized enough.

This may be a side effect of all diets, however within a week or two your digestive system should adjust. Other problems that can occur are slight headaches, muscle cramps or fatigue. Again, making sure to drink plenty of water and getting a restful eight-hour sleep, should help in the transition to any diet and its ultimate success.

Keep in mind, with the https://ketoplans.ca diet’s strict “No Carbs” rule, this is not to be adhered to in the long term. As you reach your goal weight loss, hopefully more than 10% of your starting weight, you will need to start slowly adding carbs back into your meal plans.

Once you have reached your ideal weight, you need to have a plan to stay at the weight. Returning to your eating choices before you started this journey will only result in you bouncing back to your previous weight and possibly losing any health benefits you may have gained.

You have made these changes to your health for a reason. Do not stop now. Your family and friends care about you will admire the new found spring in your step as you are thriving under a healthy lifestyle.

Who knows, maybe you will start a trend in your tribe and have everyone coming to you with questions about how you did it. You can be their coach and encourage them to stay the course.

It is in these moments you will find the strength to ‘live the walk’ you are talking about. Living a heathy lifestyle is immensely easier when you are surrounded with others who are following you.


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4 Diet Critiques You Need To Read That May Be Affecting Your AFib (part 2)

The first diet that I will discuss is the Mediterranean diet. There have been many studies of this diet with patients having all types of heart disease including atrial fibrillation. It has been found to have a lot of benefits in bringing people back to good health. And it is not just because of the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects of this diet.

The Mediterranean diet has not only been looked at for atrial fibrillation, but also other health conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and other heart diseases.

Most notably, a 2014 trial called the PREDIMED study, examined more than 6000 patients over a five-year period to see what were the benefits received from the Mediterranean diet. While adhering to the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet, patients had a 38% reduction in their atrial fibrillation symptoms.

In the Mediterranean diet, the focus is primarily on plant-based food, such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains. You replace butter and other healthy fats with olive oil. Use herbs and spices, instead of salt, to season your food. The Mediterranean diet recommends limiting the consumption of red meat by including more fish and poultry.

These are the main guidelines of the Mediterranean diet. There are bookshelves full of cookbooks written by a number of famous chefs for people who are ready to start the Mediterranean diet.

The next diet plans have not been studied as much in patients who have atrial fibrillation. However, they have been shown to have improvements in the inflammatory markers associated with atrial fibrillation. Although atrial fibrillation was not the primary focus of the studies, I still think these are healthy diets and will have benefits for those who have atrial fibrillation.

One of them is a gluten free diet, the others are the Paleo diet and the https://ketoplans.ca diet.

The gluten-free diet obviously involves eliminating gluten, a protein found mostly in wheat, rye and barley. Unfortunately, this eliminates most of the common grains. All the carbs, including pastas, pizzas, and breads, are removed from the diet unless they are gluten free.

Gluten free foods and meals are becoming more mainstream than ever before. For instance, most grocery stores have an assortment of gluten free breads, pizza crusts and pastas. Many restaurants also have gluten free choices on their menu.

Eating a gluten free diet has shown remarkable improvement in the study participants’ inflammatory markers. So, there is no reason to believe this would not be true for atrial fibrillation patients as well. Whether or not it is from the result of eliminating the foods with high carbs and gluten in it, it seems to be a healthier way of losing weight.


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4 Diet Critiques You Need To Read That May Be Affecting Your AFib

You have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and wonder what now? You may even have been told you need to lose some weight. Now you wonder, how? You have tried before but Yoyo is your middle name. Read on and hopefully, you will find out a few things.

Who am I? I’m just a guy who has had AFib for over ten years. I have read up on the medical journals and learned a thing or two. Had to, as my doctor was not a lot of help.

This is some information I found out about atrial fibrillation, diets and weight loss. It is by no means an exhaustive essay on all you need to know on the subject. I wrote this for you, who is at the start, thinking, “Great! Now what the heck do I do?”

Before I get started, always discuss with your doctor, which diet might be right for you. And of course, these diet discussions do not take the place of any recommended medical therapies as prescribed by your doctor. This is the internet and I am not a doctor.

In the next four blog posts, I am going to be writing about the diet studies and tips I have found for people with atrial fibrillation. This may or may not pertain to you, however, you may gain knowledge and questions to discuss with your doctor.

In 2015, the atrial fibrillation Legacy trial was a landmark undertaking that focused on how weight loss can improve a person’s atrial fibrillation. The results were tremendously ground-breaking and helped create the 2019 guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation.

Because of this study, a lot has changed in the past five years regarding the importance of weight loss on managing atrial fibrillation. And it was the data from this trial that has shown such significant improvement.

The LEGACY trial was a five-year study that involved 355 patients, focusing generally on weight loss and exercise. There was no real difference between in terms of other significant medical treatments that they received.

The participants were prescribed a high protein diet with a low glycemic index as well as a low intensity exercise program. The exercise activity was gradually increased over the study period. However, the authors do not write too much about the type of diet that was used, or the types of food consumed, other than it consisted of high protein, low glycemic index foods.

The study found that people who had consistent weight loss had a marked improvement in their atrial fibrillation indicators. Similarly, the group who had lost at least 10% of their initial body weight and were able to maintain it over the study, had a six-fold improvement in their atrial fibrillation symptoms.

In addition, the participants also had improvements in their high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol as well as some other inflammatory markers. Thus, the results have shown that weight loss can be immensely helpful to people who have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and may be the best option for a natural, low risk treatment for someone’s atrial fibrillation.

Now the question is, how do you decide the diet plan to follow. There are people all over the world who have atrial fibrillation and are looking for guidance on the type of diet they will benefit from. Which ones are safe for them and which are not? Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there.

And that is what I am going to be writing about in these posts. These are the diets and diet tips I believe to have significant lifestyle benefits for people who have atrial fibrillation.


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