What Are Verticals In Affiliate Marketing?

So there are a lot of different
verticals in affiliate marketing. If you're wondering what are the verticals.
What are the different verticals or niches in affiliate marketing, I'll be
going over all of them or as many as I can in this video. So, let's check it out
and I'll be going on my computer as well and showing you live from an affiliate
Network some of the different industries. So, some of the different verticals in
affiliate marketing. First off, I'm going to describe what do verticals mean.

Now what
a vertical is basically synonymous with a niche or an industry. Affiliate
marketing terminology is really convoluted. It can also mean a payout
type. A CPI stands for cost per install. And that is considered a vertical in
affiliate marketing. There's a whole vertical of mobile advertising to get
people to install games. Another vertical is pin submits. Pin submits are when
people purchase games or mobile apps through their phone carrier. it's called
carrier billing. So those are some anomalies but other niches are more
traditional such as education, solar lead generation investment lead generation,
muscle, testosterone, crypto diet, biz op.

There's a million of them. So, first off. I
just want to let you know basically the terminology is all over the place. So,
it's a little bit hard to actually understand what the different verticals
are. But we're going to go on my computer right here and I'll be walking you
through what some of the different verticals are with using two affiliate
networks as an example. So, Clickbank is one of the older affiliate networks
that's been around for 21 years. It's what I use for affiliate marketing and
by the way, if you want to learn more about how I do affiliate marketing, you
want a free course on YouTube about it, you can either subscribe to my channel
and you'll get the free course or my assistant should put a link to my
playlist somewhere up here. So, when we go into Clickbank, what we can do is we can
go clickbank.com. And we will go to the affiliate
marketplace. You see that right here where my arrows pointing to. And what
we'll see if we scroll down, there's the marketplace.

We'll scroll
on the left-hand side and will see a bunch of different categories. Now, some
of these can be considered vertical. I might say the ones most commonly called
verticals. Some of these are small but you know self-help software, spirituality
is a vertical. Mobile is a vertical. Languages is a vertical. You know a lot
of these are considered verticals and affiliate marketing. Education and you
can advertise them all if you want. You know, but really most of the time people
just pick one vertical to going.

Now, when I started as an affiliate, my first
vertical was investment. It's not about the quantity of leads that you get, it's
about the quality. What a sale was in that field is when somebody invests
about $80,000 on average into precious metals to diversify their
401k portfolio. So, it's a pretty big sale and it's pretty hard to get those sorts
of deals through marketing. Well, that's what I did and I got good at that my
next vertical is an affiliate marketing were bedbugs, diet and skin care and biz

Just to give you an idea. So, let's look at another marketplace. We're going to
look at what's called a CPA Network which stands for cost per action. And
these networks are a little more aggressive. We're going to be looking at the
affiliate Network which is a network I've also made millions with. But it's a
bit more aggressive. If you just want to make tons of money and you don't really
care whether the offers you're selling are necessarily high quality, this is a
great network. But that being said, you know I was in that place at one time. We
can see a lot of the different verticals here. So you see some of their top
verticals. These are the top performing offers. You see that it says top offers
right here. Now, as you see one of the top offers is a crypto offer.

So, it's
teaching people how to do invest in crypto currencies. You know, it used to be
part of a vertical called binary options which is pretty crazy vertical. The next
vertical is called pay per call. Pay per call means that you're getting money
each time somebody makes a call. And calls into a sales floor and in this
case it's for credit repair. Now, pay per call, it's a payout type, right? It's not a
vertical. Credit repair seems like will be a vertical but pay per call is
considered a vertical in affiliate marketing. The reason it's considered a
vertical is because generally you have to advertise
paper call offers differently than you advertise a traditional product
where you can purchase online. Since you're trying to get people to go on the
phone, a lot of people are affiliates that do pay per call only do pay per
call offers.

And they'll advertise those offers by doing RVM, SMS, IVR. And he might
not know what those are. But again, this is why it's a vertical because those
words are very niche specific. They're very vertical specific. What those stand
for is SMS, text message. IBR is basically you're doing Robo calling which is those
spam calls you get. And RVM is it stands for ringless voicemail. It's when you get
a voicemail that appears on your phone but you never saw a missed call. Those
are ways people make money with affiliate offers. The next vertical you
see is diet. Diet is one of the largest and longest lasting verticals ever. And
as long as they're people that feel they're overweight, there will always be
a demand for people to for diet or weight loss products. Okay? And this was
one of the niches that I've made a lot of money with. I did Facebook ads to
Garcinia, Cambogia products. I made millions doing that. As you'll see, diet
appears a couple times here.

Sou see diet and the products name is keto burn extra
SS. SS stands for straight sale. It's only us. And notice that in the offer
description, it's saying you can't do surveys for this. You can't use SEO or
PPC. Probably be advertising this is, you know, there's a lot of other ways. I won't
go into that. You'll see diet also appears here. Nutrisystem. Diet again. Slim
trim forskolin. Now, some other niches I mentioned, skin care. Skin care is a niche
that you'll see appears a couple times here. Skin care, skin care, skin care.

these are some of the larger niches. Diet and skin care are obviously very large
niches. Other niches include CBD. Male-enhancement. Means you're selling
basically stuff that functions similar to viagra. Stuff that helps men generally
speaking older men that maybe sit at their job too much or don't have as much
sexual drive anymore. It sells them products. This is considered a niche
which is called White Hat.

White Hat is considered a niche because basically, a
lot of these offers you they're very aggressive and you
can't advertise them through traditional means. You can't just put up an ad for a
cryptocurrency offer on Facebook. Facebook has outlawed cryptocurrency
offers. They've also outlawed a lot of weight loss offers. So, White Hat is a
vertical because it's saying you can advertise this product safely on
Facebook without too much fear of them disapproving your ad or banning your

That's why it's considered a vertical. Now, some other verticals we'll
see here. If I drag down are a bunch here and I'll just give a brief description
of a few of these for your information. So, adult means basically you are selling
subscriptions to porno websites. That's a vertical. Android means that you're
selling games. You're doing CPI, cost per install offers that people
can purchase only on androids. As Seen on TV offers, I mean these are
offers that are advertised on TV. Auto, stands for auto insurance. If you're
getting people to fill out a form to sign up for auto insurance.

check means that you are promoting a product where people are maybe they're
looking up a lover or a girlfriend or a boyfriend to do a background check on
them. Or even an employee worried about what information is going on. Binary
stands for binary options. Yhat's basically changed to cryptocurrency. Biz
op stands for business opportunity. If you're learning how to be an affiliate
marketer or how to sell on Amazon FBA or how to start a franchise or how to sell
anything. That's a business opportunity. Cash advance payday loans is an offer
category. Generally speaking, very poor people need payday loans and it's a very
big market with very high margins unfortunately. Casino offers are getting
people to sign up either for an online casino or to teach them how to gamble.
Which is a scam, if you ask me.

Credit stands for credit repair. Dating is
getting people to sign up for dating websites. This was very big back in the
day when dating first arrived on the scene. Match.com would be considered a
dating website. Diet, downloads, E- cigarette, education. You'll see there's a
ton of verticals. Male diet meaning male weight loss. Male skin, mail skin care.
Target of gay people for that actually works very well. I've done that.
Nootropic as brain pills. You know, teaching people to enhance or giving
people supplements to enhance their brain. Pain relief.
I mean pin submits. Subprime, sweeps. So, you'll see there's absolute ton of
offers that one can advertise. And this is one affiliate network. And it's not
even one of the largest affiliate networks.

There's absolutely an
unbelievable amount of opportunities in affiliate marketing. There's a ton of
verticals. And again, as an affiliate, most people focus on one vertical because
that's all you need to do. That's all I do. One vertical to crush it. Now, I've
changed my verticals over time. But you really only need to focus on one at a
time to crush it. Dude, I don't know about you.

But I am worn out from going through
all of those verticals. I've looked up so much advertising as bringing me back to
try to think of all these different ads and all these different verticals. But
it's pretty cool to see how big the industry is, right? So, hope this has been
helpful. And let me know if you chose a vertical or if you have a vertical in
affiliate marketing that you are most interested in. Type it in the comments. I
want to know what vertical you're most interested in. That'll be really cool. And
if you post your vertical, I might even throw out some give you some ad swipes
for post in a comment just to help you out. Because I've ad swipes in almost all
of these verticals. Also like this video if you got something from it. And if you
want a free course on affiliate marketing, subscribe to my channel and
hit that notification bell. Just slam. Slam to get a free course on affiliate
marketing. Looking forward to seeing you in the next video.

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