4 Diet Critiques You Need To Read That May Be Affecting Your AFib (part 3)

The Paleo Diet is the next diet I want to discuss. While this is stricter than the first two, it may have a larger benefit. The diet is also known as the hunter-gather diet because at its core it eliminates all processed food. The idea is that if a caveman did not eat it, neither should you.

This diet’s focus is on naturally sourced fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Absolutely no foods that have refined sugars, been commercially processed, or have too many added chemicals. While keeping the diet as basic as possible, you are allowed the use of spices, preferably fresh, however dried is usually fine if they have not been processed.

The Paleo Diet, potentially, may have the best health benefits because it totally bans any type of processed food. While this diet has not been studied as extensively as the Mediterranean, the premise is that it is the industrially processed component of modern foods that has contributed to the rise of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease including atrial fibrillation.

The https://ketoplans.ca Diet on the other hand may be considered even stricter. The difference between the https://ketoplans.ca and Paleo diets is that https://ketoplans.ca diet reduces all forms of carbohydrates, including vegetables and fruits. People have been more successful losing weight on this diet as it naturally has a lower calorie count while the high protein component keeps the dieter satiated.

Strictly eating lower carb foods can result in the intake of less dietary fibre. This may increase the incidents of constipation. However, by choosing the foods that have low carbs and a higher fibre content such as broccoli and chia seeds, this can be minimized. Make sure to drink your required daily amount of water while on any diet. It can not be emphasized enough.

This may be a side effect of all diets, however within a week or two your digestive system should adjust. Other problems that can occur are slight headaches, muscle cramps or fatigue. Again, making sure to drink plenty of water and getting a restful eight-hour sleep, should help in the transition to any diet and its ultimate success.

Keep in mind, with the https://ketoplans.ca diet’s strict “No Carbs” rule, this is not to be adhered to in the long term. As you reach your goal weight loss, hopefully more than 10% of your starting weight, you will need to start slowly adding carbs back into your meal plans.

Once you have reached your ideal weight, you need to have a plan to stay at the weight. Returning to your eating choices before you started this journey will only result in you bouncing back to your previous weight and possibly losing any health benefits you may have gained.

You have made these changes to your health for a reason. Do not stop now. Your family and friends care about you will admire the new found spring in your step as you are thriving under a healthy lifestyle.

Who knows, maybe you will start a trend in your tribe and have everyone coming to you with questions about how you did it. You can be their coach and encourage them to stay the course.

It is in these moments you will find the strength to ‘live the walk’ you are talking about. Living a heathy lifestyle is immensely easier when you are surrounded with others who are following you.


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