4 Diet Critiques You Need To Read That May Be Affecting Your AFib (Final)

These are the diets in a nutshell. I hope this helps you in choosing the right diet for your health goals. The studies discussed have shown that there are definite benefits to them all. 

You might want to start off with the Mediterranean Diet as it has been studied the most at this point and is the least restrictive. However, many people can not tolerate it, or they do not feel it is helping them to lose the weight.  

Unfortunately, with the first two diets studied, not everyone received a lessening of their atrial fibrillation symptoms or the other health benefits they require. This leaves the Paleo or https://ketoplans.ca as choices.

The Gluten free diet, while it has its obvious health benefit in the symptoms of Celiac disease, may not help you to lose weight, especially if you do not restrict the number of calories you are consuming. This is true of all diets; however, the https://ketoplans.ca diet should naturally help with this.

The high protein component of the https://ketoplans.ca diet aids in abating your hunger as it takes longer to digest. Most people tend to naturally eat less without realizing it. This allows them to start to feel healthier, faster. And because they are eating less so effortlessly, they are happier to stick to the diet.

While all these diets have their associated health benefits, the real main benefit of all of them is the 10% weight reduction that is needed to realize results. You need to keep the weight down to have the long-term benefits that the studies have written about.  

Using the https://ketoplans.ca Diet with its more restrictive food choices should help you to obtain your ultimate weight lose goals faster. You should also get the health benefits of lowering your high blood pressure and glucose levels, easing the symptoms of atrial fibrillation and other heart disease concerns, quicker than the other diets. 

There were long-term, five-year strategies in the studies. By adhering to the tactics discussed and oversight by your doctor, this should help you improve your long-term healthy eating habits. Consistency is the key in obtaining and maintaining your health goals of lowering your high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation symptoms as well as other heart concerns.

The underlying message of all the studies is to stick to a long-term goal. None of these diets are quick fixes in improving your immediate health concerns. But sticking to a diet to keep losing the weight will help in the long run and sticking to a diet will help you keep the weight off.  

All of this should result in a significant improvement in your quality of life and may indeed be that fountain of youth that has always been sought after.

You may not live longer, but you should live your best life. And this will allow you to enjoy your time with your family and friends. I wish you all good health and success.

Thank you for reading.

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